An Intrinsic Love for Digital Art

Capturing Magic Through The Lens

Chololikely was born in Brownsville, Texas on the border by the bay as the saying goes. Pursuing a career in Information Technology he soon found himself developing and designing software applications for the medical industry. After working many years in that field he respectfully resigned on favorable terms to create a local film production company in South Texas, in efforts to not only pursue a new career in narrative film production but to promote and support a dynamic and diverse narrative film production movement in the Rio Grande Valley.


Working in both the English and Spanish language industries of Film Production and Distribution it was quickly evident what the Rio Grande Valley needed was a more direct and available distribution source. Using his understanding and experience in both the industries of Information Technology and Film Distribution he designed, organized and developed the creation of GritoTV.


Digital Art Imaginarium

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Chololikely now not only strives to increase the availability and popularity of the local film industry to foster a reality Rio Grande Valley filmmakers making a livable wage for making narrative productions, but also to introduce a whole new generation of young Latino Artists the new wave of Non-Fungible Tokens or digital NFTs.

Amidst this work Chololikely has also written, produced, directed and distributed multiple feature films, preparing his latest feature film “Fist of Justice” for Post-Festival distribution options, as well as beginning pre-production on another narrative feature film to begin production soon.

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IMDB and Other Credits

Searching for Creative Outlets to enrich my soul

Director: Movie (2 credits)

 2020 Atrapado Por Su Pasado (Feature)

 2020 Mujeres Peligrosas (Feature)

 2020 Fist of Justice (Feature) (In-Festivals)

 2017 Matador (Feature)

 2016 Una buena vida (Feature)

Cinematographer: Short (1 credit)

 2020 Atrapado Por Su Pasado (Feature)

 2020 Mujeres Peligrosas (Feature)

 2015 Fearless Fight (Short)

Writer: Movie (2 credits)

 2020 Fist of Justice (writer) 

 2018 Pistolero Maldad Y Malicia (post-production)

Actor: Movie (2 credits)

 2018 Tejas Huele a Sangre (Mariano)

 2017 De La Misma Sangre (Don Chema)